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Building a Total Security Shield

In 2014 Cybersecurity entered the top 10 Global risk on the Allianz Risk Barometer (Biggest Reinsurer). More than 50% of Cyber Attacks are conducted on Country critical infrastructure like Electricity, Water and Oil and Gas. Most of those infrastructures were designed for Resilience but never designed with Cyber Security in mind.

Increasingly, traditional Information Technology components are added to the SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), which are increasingly on the Internet, making them prone to Cyber Attacks.


For example, the Stuxnet Virus ruined 20% of the Uranium enrichment in 2010 – the Cyber Attack virus was attacking the plants without the operators even realizing what was happening.

Even unsophisticated Cyber Attacks are occurring increasingly on a daily basis as news gets out about the ease of breaches in these SCADA systems.

The situation has become serious

  • Cyber Attacks are causing power outages.
  • Massive physical and consequential damages.
  • Energy firms are getting increasingly rejected by Insurance Companies.
  • Vulnerable and ageing plant control systems, now exposed to the Internet.



There is no easy solution

Upgrading and replacing remote systems is virtually impossible. Firstly, they are scattered over large industrial premises – secondly, their replacement maintenance would require them to be shut down, causing major business interruptions and investment cost.

Furthermore, the solution is not just Technology - it is your team’s Training and Behaviour, and your Emergency Response Processes that will determine the degree to which you can protect yourself and mitigate the damage.




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